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    BeoWulf (Omar) Application


    ḆḗὨẂứḻḟ ('O|m|a|R.)

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    BeoWulf (Omar) Application

    Post by ḆḗὨẂứḻḟ ('O|m|a|R.) on Thu Oct 10, 2013 4:11 pm

    1- Who invited you?

    Answer: None, I just saw the clan address on an Xfire Status

    2- Why would you like to join ^hds. Please explain.

    Answer: Because ,well, I love it so much, my best friends are in there, and I miss everyone here.

    3- Do you have a Mic?

    Answer: Yup

    4: Have you ever been caught hacking in any game? If yes what Game and for what reason? please explain.

    Answer: Nah

    5: If you were a ^hds admin, will you be a Respectful admin? And not abuse powers in any way shape or form?

    Answer: Yes Sir, I swear and I promise on my religion's book I would never ever abuse rcon if i am an admin

    6: What variety of games have you played?

    Answer: FPS Games, Real-Time-Strategy Games

    7: Will you be active on the site and Teamspeak3 server as well other server ^hds. Has?

    Answer: OFC Yes!

    8: When will you be able to be online playing?

    Answer: Currently from the day when I apped right now, I'll be 10 days online, then Thursdays

    9: "Will you be able to donate?" If yes How much?

    Answer: Haven't reached 20/21 yet

    10: How old Are you? Must be atleast 15

    Answer: 14 (close enough)

    Additional Comments: I hope I get accepted because, well, I miss you all and to prove it, I'll sacrifice myself to do anything for the clan.

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    Re: BeoWulf (Omar) Application

    Post by NONSense on Fri Oct 11, 2013 10:17 am

    Omar gl but do we have to make an qpl cuz im already in?

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